It is not surprising that there are so many new depression medications when you consider what percentage of the population suffers from depression. Even in the field of alternative medicine, more scientific research has been done on the viability of these natural treatments. There is little doubt that new depression medications are at the forefront of the latest brain chemistry science. To understand this, we need to take a look at a couple of the new depression medications and treatments that have recently gained popularity.

An excellent example of the new depression medications on the market is Cytomel. This drug works by stimulating the thyroid. Cytomel is generally prescribed for goiters and various thyroid function problems, as well as for depression. When the thyroid has an impact on a person’s depression, Cytomel may be an effective treatment for depression.

Hormone therapy is another excellent example of how many of the new depression medications attempt to alter the chemistry of the brain. This kind of treatment for depression can be controversial, however, because of all of the serious health problems that have been associated with hormone therapy. Generally you will be referred to a neuroendocrinologist for this treatment. Your hormone levels will need to be monitored.

Caveats of New Depression Medications

All of these new depression medications should be taken under the careful watch of your doctor. Some of them may even require observation by friends and family to make sure your moods do not get too extreme in the early stages of treatment. The reason that there are so many new depression medications is that most of these medications only work for a small percentage of people. You may need to try several different depression medications for several months each before you find one that works for you with only minimal side effects.

The main thing to understand is that you need to be patient when trying new depression medications. If the one you’re on doesn’t work right away, give it a little more time. If it still doesn’t work, try another one. There are always more new depression medications coming to the market so there is plenty of hope that you will eventually find that one of the new depression medications is right for you. You’re mistaken if you think you’ve tried everything already. Depression is a very common problem, so don’t let yourself think you are a unique or hopeless case. Work with your doctor until you find the right regimen of the new depression medications to be happy and functional again.

Depression Gone

How To Deal With Depression Tip #1

Fish oil supplements. These can be an effective anti-depressant. Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty acids that have been found to suppress feelings of depression. Omega-3 fatty acids can help the brain replenish its supply of DHA fatty acids, which are needed to keep the brain healthy.

How To Deal With Depression Tip #2

B vitamins and folic acid. According to research, the B vitamins are another natural cure for depression. Research has discovered folic acid deficiencies in adults who have depression. Low folic acid levels can cause one to experience bouts of depression. Additionally, low folic acid levels can slow your body’s response to depression medications.

How To Deal With Depression Tip #3

Exercise. A good workout can help alleviate depression. Exercise acts as a mood enhancer. Exercise can enhance the effects of depression medications by helping the body absorb medications better. And exercise encourages the production of endorphins, the “happy mood” chemical.